"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future,

concentrate the mind on the present moment."

- Buddha


Testimonial from Steve
I did several sessions with Vanessa. Vanessa is to the point and throrough. She is the first energy worker I[...]
Testimonial from Anouk
I always knew that I was different from others, I couldn't explain what that was exactly. When my life was[...]
Testimonial from Niki
I think Vanessa is a shining superstar !!! One of the best in her profession. Always a WONDER to work[...]
Testimonial from Nicola
Vanessa is truly incredible! Thanks to a few 1:1 sessions, we worked through some major energetic obstacles and she healed[...]
Testimonial from Amanda
Before the session at Vanessa’s home, I would never have dared to hope that I would feel so different as[...]
Testimonial from Michael
Vanessa exudes an energy that is vibrant and fresh. she enriches the lives of every soul she meets. every being[...]
Testimonial from A.
I feel calmer and more grounded! The visualization exercise has so far had a positive effect. Even though I sometimes[...]
Testimonial from Christa
Since our last reading, a lot has happened and especially in the field of light work, intuition, energy with regard[...]
Testimonial from Dorothe
Vanessa brings you back in contact in a clear and clear manner and in connection with your own core /[...]
Testimonial from Sara
Vanessa was a magical experience. I did it the day before I did Ayahuasca for the first time, when I[...]
Testimonial from Anna
Thank you for sending the recording over. I listened to it once again over the weekend and I guess even[...]
Testimonial from M.
I have been to Vanessa for a consultation a few times and was impressed every time with her direct sparkling[...]
Testimonial from Jörgen
I ended up on Vanessa's website in my search for someone who could give me a push in my process[...]
Testimonial from Marije
Already done a reading at Vanessa’s a few times. I myself am an awakening light worker. And I am full[...]
Testimonial from Jackie O.
When I met Vanessa it felt good right from the beginning. She has a positive vibe over her and I[...]
Testimonial from Herstory Unfolds
I always have lovely energy sessions with Vanessa - I leave the sessions feeling recharged and with more clarity !
Testimonial from Mark
Vanessa is an extraordinary reader that took me to incredible places during my session which I am still processing a[...]
Testimonial from Ibtissam
"In my quest for personal growth, I have explored different paths, with the need to find answers or to investigate[...]
Testimonial from Marilou
"Vanessa is very talented, sparkling, full of humor and compassion and makes contact with different worlds in a way that[...]
Testimonial from Atty
“I made an appointment with Vanessa for a biotensor treatment at her practice ‘Your Energy Kitchen’. She asked me to[...]

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