"The magic is already there!

But do you allow yourself to see it?"

- Vanessa Vink


21 May 2019 - Start of 'Smart Healthy Women Academy' of which I am one of the Founding trainers with my COURSE 'The Magic in You - and how to connect with it', see https://smarthealthywomenacademy.com for more information.

28 November 2018 -  My second TALK (in English) in Zoku in Amsterdam. Invited by LOVE & ORANGES of Nicola Cloherty! Topic: 'How to lift your vibration - break patterns, create emotional balance and liberale yourself from believes'. Tickets via https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/talk-how-to-lift-your-vibration-break-patterns-create-emotional-balance-liberate-yourself-from-beliefs

31 October 2018 - second PODCAST is published!
Topic is 'You don’t have to go rock bottom to start change!' and it is part of the SELFISH project of Nicola Cloherty and Anna Wallace in which they interview me.
"In this episode, we dive into: Who is Vanessa is and where she is today; How do you know you’re nearing rock bottom?; Why the world thinks we need to hit rock bottom to create change; How Vanessa feels about famous/influential people sharing their rock bottom story and why it can be way more do more damage than good; Has Vanessa hit rock bottom herself; If you can wait for somebody else to do the change for you or not; Tips on how to implement change; AND SO MUCH MORE!! Listen here: https://apple.co/2MKhEo4 SoundCloud http://bit.ly/2lTuNjp Stitcher or https://bit.ly/…/ep-16-you-dont-have-to-go-rock-bottom-to-s… "

14 September 2018 Click here PODCAST to listen to my first podcast.
The topic is 'Weight gain with energyworkers'. It is for the gorgeous Australian online magazine 'Smart Healthy Women'. Haha, beforehand I did not know that this would be the topic but hey, I trust my guidance from 'above' fully so here it goes ... and it unfolded as followed. It had caught my attention that some of my Australian friends believed that energy work and weight gain go hand in hand. In America this belief is prevailing too. Well, I have refuted that. By the way, this podcast also has a lot of tips and some energy excercises for people who do not have overweight!

18-24 June 2018 - to Glastonbury, UK for a magical/spiritual business trip!

25 May 2018 - VanessaVink.com is GDPR proof.

10 April 2018 -  My TALK (in English) on 'How to chat with your team of guides and angels' in Zoku in Amsterdam. Invited by LOVE & ORANGES of Nicola Cloherty! 

10 december 2016 - First publication in the Dutch online magazine 'Your Daily Shine'. 

16 februari 2016 - First publication in the Dutch online magazine 'Vrouw en Passie'. 

26 april 2015 - First publication in the Australian online magazine 'Smart Healthy Women'.