"The magic is already here,
but do you allow yourself to see it? "

- Vanessa Vink


With great pride I hereby offer you an amazing collaboration between Australian ‘Smart Healthy Women Academy’ and me: my first course! It is called ‘The Magic in You and How to Connect with It’.

I am one of the Founding Trainers of ‘Smart Healthy Women Academy’ and the Academy allowed me to put it up on my own website too. The course and the workbook are in English, although I am Dutch.

Soooo ….. Are you ready? There is magic everywhere. Did you know?

It’s time to step into your power!
Learn to discover your unique magic and connect with it by playing with energy.
You are already a magical being, and now it’s time that you discovered that for yourself.

In this course you will:

- Learn what energy is and how to play with it

- Quiet your mind with fun exercises in preparation for next steps

- Discover all of the different ways you can connect to your intuition to receive information

- Learn how to stabilise your energy through a special grounding exercise.

Want to join the fun and lift your vibration too? Please click here to buy the course https://smarthealthywomenacademy.com/the-magic-in-you-how-to-connect/?share=5 for US $ 67.