​"Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced"

- Soren Kierkegaard

How to make a booking

There are various options for a session:

a) In person at my Amsterdam practice (see contact page).

b) Remote via preferabely via Zoom or otherwise Skype, Phone or FaceTime.

c) Remotely by distance, without actual contact, only suitable in some cases.

Just contact me here via email to make an appointment of call me. Will we be working for the first time together? Then we will do the 'Heart alignment session' of 75 minutes.

For online sessions payment prior to the session is mandatory, but if you come to the practice cash or directly transferring is fine too!   By the way, the appointment is only definete after mutual agreement by mail/phone.

Do you wish to pay via Paypal for your online session? To make a booking please select and book the service you require from the table below. Once payment is received I will make contact by phone or email to book a time and day for your session. 

Energetic house clearings will always be done remotely on distance: during the session you can be in the practice with me, live with me online or without having contact with me.



Session to gain clarity on a problem you are struggling with right now

60 minute session​

In practice or remote session 

Your choice of reading or healing or hands-on-change healings​

Recording included

Not available to new clients



Let's chat with the true you: who you are in essence & clear what is holding you back! 

75 minute session​

In practice or remote session​

Your choice of reading, healing or hands-on-change healing​

Recording included​

Self-care handbook​



We will really dig deep and get a lot of work done so that you can be the real you!

120 minute session

In practice or remote session

Your choice of reading, healing or hands-on-change healing​​

Recording included​

Self-care handbook

Only for regular clients or those experienced with energy work​



What is going on energetically in, under and/or around the building you live or work in?

75 minute session

In practice or remote session​

Test for geopathic stress, entities, radiation, vortexes and Sick Building Syndrome​

Recording and test results highlight report included

Self-care handbook​