Maria Essence

The lovely products of Maria Essence help you in your process of personal development and spiritual growth, especially useful after energy work to continue the work we did. They give you the possibility to become more conscious and more in contact with yourself so that you can really live from your heart. The sprays are also suitable for children. They are  made of the essence of crystals combined with highly vibrating Italian water.

The nine basic bottles are called Gele Calciet, Rode Calciet, Roze Calciet, Groene Calciet, Gouden Calciet, Bergkristal, Amethyst, Aquamarijn and Rozenkwarts.

The 5 bottles of the Peru aura Sprays 10 ml are a-freakin-mazing in how powerful they assist in the energetic process: 

The ten combination bottles are: Jet-lag, Stress, Burnout, Heavy and tired feeling, Shock, Good nights rest, Heartbreak, Joy, Light and Wisdom. These bottles are developed to quickly and effectively make a choice. They are made from a variety of Maria essences and pure water.

There are also pomanders of pure water, Maria Essence and etheric oils. These are for external use only: via smelling and feeling the pomander works deep into our physical body. These are: Pomander Balance, Pomander Wisdom, Pomander Joy and Pomander Light.

The big bottles are meant to spray in the living or working area. These are called Cleansing, Harmonizing and Refreshing.

The lady who has created these amazing essences, who is a homeopath, asked me to do a Biotensor reading on them to test the vibration of the essences.  We were both very happy with the result of the reading.  You can read more about her thoughts on the reading in an article she published.


Basis flesjes 30 ml  € 32,00

Peru aura sprays 10 ml  € 33,00

Pure love spray 10 ml € 37,00

Body oil Japanese Herbs oil roll-on 7ml € 37,50

Five personal spray 100ml € 38,00

Peru energy set € 112,00

Big 100ml bottles room sprays  Refresh en Purifying € 38,00 and Harmonising € 39,90

To order please contact me via email.