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Skyld (formerly known as i-Doh)The Skyld is one of the best suppressors for radiation and other energies, like geopathic stress and entities. * How the creator of the Skyld explains it: The technique The main component of the Skyld is the natural antenna that amplifies certain frequencies. A bioresonance device that protects against all types of radiation (except radioactive) and […]

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pH-CosmeticspH-Cosmetics: natural beauty thanks to alkaline body care. Why do I also sell this? Because everything is vibration! Also what you eat and what you put on your skin. If you want to become higher in vibration but you keep using synthetic products, do you think that helps? Nope… Our world today is becoming more and more […]

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Maria Essence

Maria EssenceThe lovely products of Maria Essence help you in your process of personal development and spiritual growth, especially useful after energy work to continue the work we did. They give you the possibility to become more conscious and more in contact with yourself so that you can really live from your heart. The sprays are also […]

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