“I wish for you to become all that your soul came here to be.”

- Vanessa Vink

About me

ZIJN means To Be. The moment my practice room was built in 2012 I had this sign made. I colored it and wrote "Here I can" on it.  "Here I can BE" is my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

‘Becoming and being ME so I can be ’ is the common thread through my life. It has been the motive in making important decisions throughout my life and nothing is so healing as following what is best for you.

My spiritual gifts are innate, but when I was a little girl I needed to close them because they were not recognized. In my teens being conscious, health, spirituality and intuitive development slowly entered my world, growing up in Amsterdam-Zuid. But apparently I needed to do some side steps first. Only after receiving my Masters in General Arts at the ‘Vrije Universiteit’ in Amsterdam, 14 years of working experience in various jobs, marrying the best husband ever and becoming the mother of our amazing, gorgeous light child daughter in 2006 I decided to change course.

Graduating Reiki I, many courses as well as the Healing school at ‘Centrum voor Leven en Intuitie’ (where the Dutch Princess Irene was too) in Utrecht, followed by the Reading school and the Hands-on-Healing course at ‘Flux’ in Utrecht and the biotensor course with ‘De Zonnevlecht’ in Abcoude made it complete: the proverbial ‘dust’ was literally off me and the fun began, also with thanks to the Skyld (formally known as the i-Doh) that came in my life. This is me! I am back! I am a light beacon: shining my light on people so that those people shine their light on their’s again. Raising vibration and loving it! The knowledge I gained comes from various places. From America, I did the courses ‚Energy Medicine’ from Donna Eden, Unlimited Abundance’ from Chirstie Marie Sheldon and ‚Chakra7’ from Carol Tuttle via Mindvalley, and many more Master classes with various topics. From Australia I have completed 'Universal Magic School' en 'Universal Business School' with Kim Eibrink Janssen and 'Go with your guides'-challenge with Anne Aleckson. Partly I am self-taught to make it my own way, mainly I learn the most by doing sessions with others! The most beautiful magic arises by trusting time and time again on the crystal clear input that I receive from all the guides, guardian angels and everyone else that wants to come and play. And since I've been to Glastonbury (UK) and Abydos (Egypt) I can work with these fields (again) and that's so magical and cool! Wow, I'm so grateful for this!

The combination of the two worlds, the academic and the spiritual, are my ‘unique selling point’ as you might call it. I am called ‘the bridge between Amsterdam-Zuid and the spiritual world'. That is me: the combination of it all made me whole.

I attract all kinds of people, young and old, male and female, rich and less rich - in money that is -, religious and atheist, new and well known to the spiritual world, left and right, from my side of the world or the other side, regardless of skin color. We are all one. What people do have in common that come to me? The will to make the next step and the feeling that there is more to be discovered of themselves.

You are already YOU too. You know all the answers already, only sometimes it is hidden.

By working with me we will get the proverbial ‘dust’ off you too!

Because it has all got to do with energy work, I call myself a Personal Energizer.  Labels that you could give me are: an energy intuitive, a Light mother, a channeler, a medium, Akashic records reader, a soultimeline-reader, a Blue Ray but looked like an indigo, a rainbow warrior, a heart opener, weird (and proud of it! haha, because weird is the new normal!), clair voyant, clair cognizant, clair sentient, clair emphatic, clair audience and I even have clair salience, clair gustance, clair dreaming and clair hearing, clair tangent  occasionally, a HSP (highly sensitive person), Lemurian and Atlantis energy, Merlin energy, Lady of the Lake Vivienne, Celtic water/sea High priestess, a Dragon Rider, connecting with various nature beings and often working with spirit animals, automatic writer, Universal Business Entrepreneur, a medical intuitive, originally from the Pleaides and Sirius and after that from Andromeda, Ancient Egypt with its Ancient Egyptian healing, and a white light healer, Rainbow healer, Dolfin healer, White Magic, blessed with blue stardust coming from the Bermuda Triangle (which is a portal to another star system!!) .... every time that I make another step I add it to this list. But most important is that I am sailing on my own intuition with help of my amazing team of guides and guardian angels. I feel deep gratitude for this guidance!! The effect: I chat with all entities with ease, whether they are living, dead or never born. We are all souls and we are one so they all feel the same to me!

This is a selection that is part of my current being, gained along my journey: neutrality, autonomy, freedom, lightness, health, happiness, growth, ease and ‘havingness’. I became who I was. All the different worlds, dimensions and universes that interest me are merged in my own practice. My passions appear to seamlessly connect to each other, giving so much power! Which is great, because my mission is to make energy work as normal as brushing your teeth. 🙂

As a Personal Energizer I look at what you need for your next step. By seeing you for who you truly are in essence in your own energy levels  strength, autonomy and potential you can also become who you truly where and BE YOU!

Testimonial from Niki
I think Vanessa is a shining superstar !!! One of the best in her profession. Always a WONDER to work[...]

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