"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

- Dr. Martin Luther King

Energetic House or Office Clearing & Detecting Geopathic Stress 

So you think you are doing a super good job: you eat well, you are active, you live consciously ….. but you do not feel well in certain areas. If so, do you recognize one of these things?

  • You may feel that you are losing/leaking energy;
  • You have restless legs;
  • Your child always wakes up (screaming maybe) around the same time;
  • Your cat can, all of a sudden, be really scared and you do not see why;
  • Your cat prefers a specific spot in the house to chill but your dog hates that same spot in the house;
  • It feels crowded at home even though there is no one there besides you;
  • In the morning your are still doing fine, but at night you unexplainably do not feel at ease and/or you can not fall asleep.
  • You sleep terrible at home, but when you sleep somewhere else you get a good night’s rest;
  • You suspect your workplace to have a sick building syndrome.

If you recognize any of these scenarios, then there are two things going on, or perhaps a combination of the two. First, there probably is geopathic stress under your home and second it may be that the place is not only accessible to humans and animals (read: creatures with a body), but also to other entities (read: beings without a body). The latter does not have to be scary, though. It’s very nice that there’s a lot more than you can see with the naked eye! It could also be that geopathic stress makes an opening for entities, so if you take away one then the other one goes away too. See here for the explanation of Geopathic stress and entities. Sometimes it is really Ghostbusting 2.0 haha en sometimes it is just very nice to create a relationship with the building that you live/work in by listening to what the energy of that building actually wants.

Speaking of which.. Did you know that several clients now live in a house that seemed out of reach for various reasons, but that after a session they managed to buy the house? Yes, really! If you feel that you really have a match with a house that you would like to buy, but you find that the energy is blocking to make it happen, let's see what it needs. And be surprised! 🙂

This session is always done remotely: I work from my practice by distance, no matter where you live. Because energy knows no time or distance, I always clear and measure houses remotely. While working from a distance, I can do my work even better, because otherwise I sit right in the middle of whatever is there and it will not be clear for me either. The only thing I need is your permission, the address and a simple plan of the building. Then the session can begin, no matter where you live in the world!

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