The i-Doh is one of the best suppressors for radiation and other energies, like geopathic stress and entities.

* How the creator of the i-Doh explains it:

The technique The main component of the i-Doh is the natural antenna that amplifies certain frequencies. A bioresonance device that protects against all types of radiation (except radioactive) and creates a very nice home energy in your home, stable or office.

Antenna If you have two pièces of metal and turn them opposite to one another you will receive something at a certain point. (remember the old radios) When you receive, then you can send. With the natural antenna of the i-Doh that is exactly like that. Each i-Doh is like an antenna that is tuned to a range of frequencies.

Frequencies The determination of the frequencies of the i-Doh is done by doing thorough research in the frequencies providing by the earth. Connected to the sensitivities of people and animals it has given the frequencies set in the i-Doh. Not to mention, the sequence of frequencies. It fits exactly with the people and the animals. For animals we use different frequencies. It turns out that animals almost don’t fluctuate in their basic frequencies. People do. Would that their intelligence? 

What makes the i-Doh so special? Increasing the strength of positive energy, the frequencies on which the i-Doh adjusted. So it’s not just a device that works against radiation but the i-Doh adds even further to benefit. The combination of the antenna with a number of anti-radiation and certain sensitivities gives man peace and balance. The results do not lie.

Spirituality The trend now is that we all go to a higher energy. The i-Doh gives this energy already, and for people who are working with it, it can be a relief, when this high energy presents itself in an enhanced form. It becomes easier to transfer.

Grounding One can ground better and easier. The home feels much better and sleep is deeper.

* To explain what an i-Doh does in my own words:

1) it intensifies/strengthens the energy that is already there/less leaking of;

2) it strengthens your aura and makes it to a comfortable 1,5 á 2 meter left, right, below, above, in front and in the back of you;

3) it protects you from radiation (tv, telephone, geopatic stress, etc.)
Do you worry about the 5G network? The i-Doh is made to assist you!;

4) it protects you against entities

How? Via Bioresonance. It works like an antenna. The bioresonance part is in between the two wooden parts of the i-Doh. It is not necessary to clear the i-Doh, like you do with crystals.

And the nice extra: your spiritual growth will go wayyyy quicker! 🙂

The best way to know if an i-Doh suits you is to feel it! I can send you the energy remotely if we can not meet in person.

i-Doh Family:


  • i-Doh Colos – 26 cm (the big one) for protection up to 100 meter. For homes, offices and stables.  Colos € 970
  • i-Doh Carry – the small one (a bit bigger than a € 2 coin.) To carry with you to protect you outside your home. Carry € 95
  • i-Doh Aqua – makes water into water again. Brings all the water in your home to a super high vibration measured in Bovis value.  Aqua € 399
  • New Energy cards with very strong symbols to put under the AZ or Colos  New Energy cards € 18,95

All i-Doh’s currently are on the ‘Ante Zero’ level, which means that the i-Doh provides for both higher frequencies and the lowest nature frequency, Schuman frequency. The effect is that humans and animals can go to that higher energy and can still stay nicely grounded on the earth.

With the biotensor I test which one is best for you for your situation. To find out more about i-Doh or to purchase your own i-Doh please contact me by email.