"Healing is not necessarily about curing.

As your inner light grows anything is possible."

- Alberto Villoldo


A Healing is creating space for your own energy! A Reading tells us about the process you are in; a Healing can help you concretely. The two combined are really powerful in the transformation process of becoming YOU.

Everything and everyone is energy. However, there may be too much energy from others around you, or that you give up too much of your own space, or there are blockages, or if you want to work on the process that you have heard during a reading, or you just like recieving a healing.... in all these cases recieving this kind of energy work is great! So it is not about that something is broken, that needs healing. A healing triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself.


During the session I will clear away energy that is not yours. By doing so, your 'spirit' is pulled out of beliefs and thoughts (sometimes called pictures) from you or others. Usually a Reading session goes hand in hand with a little healing. My motto: if you know what the cause of the problem is you can look behind the problem and you can get rid of the cause. Voilá. 🙂

Different methodes that I could use during the session: 'normal' healing, the super powerful White Light healing, the high vibrating Rainbow healing, healing regarding where your soul originally comes from, Dolphin healing, et cetera ... 

So I always do reading and healing together since that is way more effective that only of the two. If you understand how your own energy system works, it is much easier to shift blocks and removing other crap that does not serve you (anymore). The session is done face-to-face in my practice. I can also do a remote session if you are not able to come to me: we can have online contact (via Zoom, phone, Skype or FaceTime) or we can call. You will be sent a recording of your session via a WeTransfer link in your email so you that you can listen to it again afterwards.

Hands-on-Change Healing

Hands-on-Change healing works on a deeper level than a normal healing. It is actually called a Hands-on-Healing, but since I focus on the change that you need to proceed I changed the name. You can specify what you prefer to have in your life. First I will do a small Reading to see where the blocks for these desires are. During the healing I will work with that desire. Your body has several energy bodies around it: I will work in your astral body.

When blocks are cleared, it will be easier for you to welcome what you wish for. It is a powerful form allowing you to change what you want to, thus giving you autonomy. Examples of change you could ask for are: growth, new job, balance, space, peace, relationship, room for new insights, health, et cetera.

The Hands-on-Change healing is performed at my practice. In this session you lie (with your clothes on but without shoes) on a massage table, possibly with a sheet covering your body and/or with a cloth covering your eyes. I work with a constant light touch on your physical and astral (= non material) body. First, the front of the body is covered and after that the back of the body.

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