Testimonial from Amanda

Before the session at Vanessa’s home, I would never have dared to hope that I would feel so different as a result.  
I had been to so many healers and therapists this year with only very subtle results, and was beginning to worry I would never shake off these mysterious health problems and negative mental patterns.

Not only did I feel an immediate ‘lifting’ of my physical and mental symptoms during the session, but I also was given the tools and information I needed to maintain this healing in my daily life. The most amazing and helpful thing that Vanessa said to me was “The moment you walk out that door you could choose to go back to how you were. It is up to you now” This put the power in my own hands and pulled my mindset out of a victim mentality. I feel so blessed and am so grateful to have been given the gift of self-determination.  
It *is* up to me now, it *is* my choice, and I choose to stop suffering. I choose to change the story of my life to something far more uplifting.

If anyone is reading this, who is wondering whether they should make the decision to work with Vanessa or not – please do not hesitate anymore!  
Please benefit from the time and money I have spent searching for the real deal and believe me when I say you can find it with Vanessa 💫