Testimonial from Nancy

“Having visited several websites I opted for a consultation with Vanessa. The website is beautifully made: beautiful colors, a good detailed explanation, but the appearance of Vanessa was decisive. I’m so glad I listened to my intuition! From the first meeting on, it felt well immediately with Vanessa. I experience her as sweet, sincere, affectionate, generous, knowledgeable person and I felt right at home with her. I came for a chakra reading. Directly it was clear, without sharing, that she and I were on the same page about what chakra needed more attention! Somewhat later in the session it appeared that I would benefit more from a Healing at that time. I was not pushed into a certain direction by Vanessa. She communicated with me what information she was receiving and left me the choice (and non pushing approach also applies to other issues such as potential tools she sells and/or to making a follow-up appointment). I agreed with the Healing, which was very nice.

The same evening I was so tired at 20.00: it was a sign for me that the treatment was effective. The next morning was the first time in years that I got up feeling well rested! Also, I felt lighter and more powerful in life. After that initial consultation Vanessa gave me tips to speed up my process. Another proof to me that this lady is really committed to her clients!

During the second consultation, I was amazed because Vanessa received information that she could not have possibly known! Something of which I wanted the answer to every since my childhood! Afterwards, the recording of the consultation will be emailed pretty quickly. That’s nice because than ‘you’re still in it.’ Vanessa emails this without charge. From experience in my search, I know that there are physicians who are asking an extra something for the recording. I’m curious about what else I can discover together with Vanessa. I believe that after many searches, many therapists and psychologists my path to healing finally started!” Nancy, Amsterdam