Testimonial from Christa

Since our last reading, a lot has happened and especially in the field of light work, intuition, energy with regard to myself.

After you I came in contact with others and I started, among other things, with meditations and affirmations. 1 of the meditation has brought me to the high priestess who literally stepped down to me, embraced and said; ‘I am so glad you are here’ (2017) Then something became even clearer to me. You had told me a few things during the reading and in line with that, it became more and more clearer and I got a better grip on my connection with the universe. I am still working on it but it is taking shape. Both business and private and totally in line with …. for example my parents. My mother died last year. I can’t say much about it in my surroundings because it is elusive for them and they know me as fairly down-to-earth and down to earth. But that is precisely where it is !!! I would say. I call it professional intuition. And that is getting stronger. Thank you Vanessa. You were my first step in the journey to the life of my most beautiful life.