You don’t have to go rock bottom to start change!

Topic is ‘You don’t have to go rock bottom to start change!’ and it is part of the SELFISH project of Nicola Cloherty and Anna Wallace in which they interview me.

“In this episode, we dive into: Who is Vanessa is and where she is today; How do you know you’re nearing rock bottom?; Why the world thinks we need to hit rock bottom to create change; How Vanessa feels about famous/influential people sharing their rock bottom story and why it can be way more do more damage than good; Has Vanessa hit rock bottom herself; If you can wait for somebody else to do the change for you or not; Tips on how to implement change; AND SO MUCH MORE!!

Listen here: or SoundCloud Stitcher or…/ep-16-you-dont-have-to-go-rock-bottom-to-s… “