What’s holding you back?

Have you ever experienced such a deep emotion or a reaction that just does not add up to you and how you live? What did you do: have you tried to wave it away? Have you thought you were just plain crazy? Well, I have got news for you: you are not crazy!

As a Reader and a Healer I come across various kinds of people. There always appears to be something that holds them down. When looked at on a Reading level, I see a lot of things that are just not the first thing that would come to mind and no rationally educated and thinking doctor could subscribe a treatment for. Because what I come across is something that you need to open your mind to and see possibilities that go beyond the rational. It is not YOU that has this deep emotion or reaction! Or better, it is you but in another life, literally or figuratively!

So bear with me here.

Could you open yourself up to the fact that your body dies, but your soul moves on?

Let go for a ride then!! To illustrate this I will reveal some of the things that I have seen with my clients.

There was a woman who wanted to move forward to see her calling in life, but she was stuck.

There was a man who just could not find a partner after his ex broke up with him ages ago.

There was another woman who had such great fear of open water, that she just did not want to go near the sea.

There was another man that always felt unsafe and always looked over his shoulder to see if there was anything there.

There was yet another woman that could not fully open up to her husband. I have lots more, but let’s keep it at this.

The first woman came from a deeply religious family in this life, but it felt like a previous one. She had said her farewells long, long ago because she could not relate to their beliefs and values. But her torn up heart was not healed yet and the family was still bugging her and blocking her view. After intensive healing, exercises and clearing she was able to see her path, stepped totally into her power and is now becoming a Reiki Master to spread all her goodness.

The man appeared to still have soooo many cords attached to his ex that there was just no place for new love. One by one he let me cut the cords and step by step he was able to let go and make room for other people. Now he is a happy camper with his new girlfriend.

The woman with the fear of water appeared to have this fear because of an actual past life were she drowned in the sea. Open water just triggered that anxious feeling of dying. Once cleared, that fear of dying was gone. Now she can finally go on a beach holiday with her family.

The man who always looked behind him was stabbed to death in a previous life. The result of this was that he created a very tight aura around his back. I cleared that life and increased the aura and he feels safe again.

With the last woman it appeared that she was a lesbian in a previous life, in her case probably provoked by abuse. So she had an energy shield before her heart chakra to not let men in. After reading this, she told me that in the first six years of her life she always wanted to be a boy! She is a woman in optimal form now. So I asked her if she wanted to remove the shield. And she decided to keep it there for a while. With the understanding where this weird feeling came from, she felt already healed enough to move forward.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully it shows how sometimes the answers to an easy life lie in a completely different way of looking at things, and that I can see when I ‘read’ your book. If you open your mind, you can see it too!