The 5th dimension in practice – 23 September 2017

On the 23th of September 2017 I shared this post in the Dutch Facebook group “De 5de Dimensie in de praktijk”

Dear person, did you realize that today is an important day, astrologically and energetically? The old world “perishes” … and that is so awesome! Because the veil is coming off: we are moving from 3D (competition, fear, lack and limitation) to 5D (cooperation, wholeness, creating and abundance)! Hereby a few tips.

It is time for a major clean-up: does it not flow into any part of your life? Then stop it! Dûh, red flags are not for nothing. You are the driver of your life, you create! If you have that control, then another person cannot take control of you either. Remember: you are already whole. But there might be some proverbial “dust” on it, as I call it. Love yourself and respect and honor yourself for this fantastic privilege.

Do you get a thought that doesn’t suit you? Then ask yourself: “Is it mine?” No? Then let it go. It may well be that that thought is a belief of another person who, had stuck it on you, as a post-it.

Also step out of that victim role and be an inspiration: “Make your mess your message!”. Realize what you dó have and cán do and don’t complain about what you don’t have and can’t do. Let go of what does not serve you and do what suits you SO THAT YOU CAN BE YOURSELF! Because it’s time for the real you to get up! ❤

With everything you do, think or feel, you can ask yourself: 1) Does it suit me? 2) Does it feel right? 3) Does it make me happy? Did you answer this 3x with “yes”? It doesn’t get more 5D. If you are in a congruent “flow”, there will be more ease. If your light radiates more, you reach more people. And they will start radiating their light to the people around them. I like!!

Realize the importance of your task: set positive intentions today and ensure that you keep your own vibration as high as possible. EVERYONE is an important link. It’s great to turn on the light together: wooooeeeehoeeeee!!