The 5th dimension in practice – 11 November 2018

On the 11th of November 2018 I shared this post in the Dutch Facebook group "De 5de Dimensie in de praktijk’ and it had an overwhelming number of responses. Since it apparently resonated I like to share it here too.

‘Love, Peace and Unity’ by Karen Cougan


11-11-11 This blog comes straight from my heart and is for all energy workers, light workers, witches, readers, healers, mediums, channelers and everyone who feels addressed. You have gifts that you use one way or the other for others. Whether you only help your child with it or that you have your own practice doesn’t matter. I would like to ask you a question: do you also use your gifts for yourself?

Dear reader: do you ever do a reading for yourself or your own “shit”?

Dear healer: do you ever heal your own system?


In other words: do you allow yourself to take full ownership of your gifts by realizing that you can do it for yourself too?

I noticed in the past that I sometimes met people who spread the light for others but could not find the ‘light switch’ in themselves. I thought that was curious. But when I heard two friends of mine that are energy workers too – one in the Netherlands and one in Australia – saying something like that in one week, I thought, “This had to change!!” Certainly in 2018, the year of Mastery. That’s why this call.

So dear energy worker: find your own blocks, point where you are stuck and your own beliefs and solve them. (I hope that you have succeeded at 11:11 am). With that you give yourself the space to really achieve the highest form of neutrality. You give yourself the opportunity to use your gifts on yourself if you also can get your ego, mind and all that other murmuring to stop for yourself. If you can see for yourself who you really are, then you can do what you came to do: blast your light on those who are attracted to your vibration.

Do you have your own energetic practice? Then this is definitely important! How can you remove resistance / blockades / uncertainties / beliefs from someone if you cannot first work through your own resistance / blockages / uncertainties / beliefs?

Do you always have to solve everything yourself? No of course not. Calling in help from others is definitely also an important process in taking ownership of your Being. If you are willing to pay for someone else’s work, then others are also willing to pay for your work. Money is also just energy. If you only give, it is just as out of balance as if you were only taking it. Learn from each other, refer people to each other if you feel that a client fits better with someone else. Ego no longer needs to join in.

Remember that you can only really take ownership if you can also use your gifts for yourself if you come across trouble. So first check it out yourself before calling in help. Emotions can hinder looking at it neutrally, but try it anyway. Grab that autonomy! Take full ownership. See yourself for who you really are. Just state that you wish to do this and be surprised about what you will encounter.