Soul connection

I would love to share with you how the process of being a mother started for me.

In The Beginning

Nine years ago I became pregnant. Little did I know back then about all the energy work that I do now as my job. I just knew that this baby was so welcome and so wanted! But what happened blew my mind. Back then I was not familiar with my qualities of being a psychic and I did not have a clue what being a mother would mean. But I did know that I felt awesome! No morning sickness, vomiting or other nasty physical condition: just sheer bliss.

So there came a point where my husband and I started thinking of names for our little girl to come. Books were bought, discussions were held, … Then one day at five months pregnancy, I was relaxing on the couch and then all of a sudden … BAM … from above a name just hit me in the left of my head! Instantly I knew that the unborn daughter in my belly had given me the name she wanted in this life. And I loved it!! Every piece of her resonated with the name she chose: Féline. I just knew this was it!


Féline’s soul reached out to me, which was new to me, but I instantly knew how to communicate with her. There came a moment that I started to prepare myself for giving birth. You must know that I have never experienced real physical pain though: no wisdom teeth, no broken bones, no injuries, no nothing. So the pain part of giving labor scared the shit out of me big time!! So I started communicating with my girl. I said: “Sweetheart, let’s help each other.”

Féline was totally happy in my belly, so she did not make a move to come out around the expected date. When I was a week late, it was decided that I would give birth in the hospital. Books were read again, pregnancy courses were done, suitcase packed: I was ready for labor. But nobody could imagine what scenario it turned out to be! On a gorgeous morning in August 2006, induction of a natural birth just did not happen. A whole morning no oxytocin was released to start labor, no matter what the doctors tried. All of a sudden in the afternoon the doctor in training started to freak out, since he could not hear my daughters heart anymore!


So I was lying there in the bed, with all these people surrealistically running around with monitors and stuff while I felt great with a big fat belly. Out of the blue at 2.15pm they told me that it might become a C-section; at 2.30pm they said it would be but they needed an operating room; at 2.45pm there was one free; at 3.00pm I was prepped for surgery and at 3.30pm I was the happiest mom in the world. Without pain!!! Even without any pre or post contractions!! Now that was easy! Giving birth for me felt like a ball!. And since it must have been the doctor’s first c-section he did not make a straight cut: I have a smiling scar! 🙂

I will always be certain of the fact that Féline arranged this: this was and is one healthy kid that decided to help her mom. I will always remember the moment I finally saw her. In awe of this gorgeous girl I said out load: “She knows everything!”. My light child and me: a bond beyond belief.

And the icing on the cake?

When she was two years old, I realized changes were needed for mine and her well being, since we were reading each others’ minds. And I needed to ‘clean out my closet’. So I gave up my job and started intuitive courses which resulted in my flourishing practice ‘Your Energy Kitchen’ I have been running for several years now.

Children truly are our best teachers!

Now I am a Reader and a Healer and I have the privilege to ‘look into people’s books’ as I call it, while performing Readings. In those ‘books of the soul’ I see past lives too. In my energy work I was confirmed that the process of the soul is a beautiful one. In a previous life the soul plants the seed already of the lessons it would like to learn in the next life. After dying a soul sits on its cloud in heaven and decides then and there what it wants to learn in the next life. Then it chooses the parents where it can learn those lessons. So I am convinced that we choose our parents! Am I happy that our daughter chose us!