Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

Can you totally be who you truly are and can you live your full potential? With this I mean: can you reveal the different sides of you that you have within you? If your answer is “no” on this question, I have good news for you. Because it is a beautiful time to shed light on those sides of you!

Shift in consciousness

There are various reasons why I decided to write an article about this now. First of all, I notice that clients of my practice are often surprised about what they are capable of energetically. Secondly, more and more people notice that a big shift in consciousness has taken place on Earth. Thirdly, there is  – in my opinion – an amazing change going on: I notice in the media that different worlds, that were first miles apart, are getting closer and closer. I will elaborate this last reason more.

Your potential

The Western way of looking at health for example is integrating more and more with the Eastern and/or the alternative way. Also the scientific world and the spiritual world are getting nearer to each other. In fact, I prefer not use the word ‘spiritual’. I call it ‘what you have potentially’, so your potential! Anyway, these two worlds are not averse to each other.

Combining worlds

Scientific research brings us evidence of what the ‘woo woo’-world had adopted as truth a long time ago. A nice example of this combining of different worlds was the research done by the Maharishi University of Management. They showed that when a lot of people meditate together, that there is a lot less violence and crime in the vicinity. Cool huh?! Or this one: in an article of the Curious Mind you can read about a certain scientific research project. This research has provided evidence for something that has been said for a long time now in the spiritual world: that everything is energy and that all is one. And this one: there was an article in the Huffington post were science – in a bizarre way, but anyway… – delivered proof for the force field around us. Yes guys and dolls, now that is an aura!

It is all within us

This kind of research shows the integration of both sides – physical and metaphysical – and in my opinion that is also living your full potential. Here on Earth, we have used only parts of ourselves for a long time now. But that is changing! A while ago I spoke with a physicist who told me that he attended several courses at one of my intuitive schools! I like! So we are heading towards the fact that the IQ (intellectual quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), SQ (spiritual quotient) or PQ (physical quotient) are no longer less important than the other Q’s. These sides are all within us and all Q’s are allowed to be more and more in balance.

Come out of the spiritual closet

This is the reason for this article: it is also time for you! Let all those Q’s be more in balance and please come out of that spiritual closet! We all have the ability to tune in more to what we can not see with the naked eye. One of my quotes on Instagram is:

“The magic is already there. But do you allow yourself to see it?”.

Do not let yourself beliefs stop you based on fear or insecurity. I notice in my practice that it happens often enough that people run into these beliefs. When I get rid of the proverbial ‘dust’, my clients start believing that they are capable of so much more. It could even be that those beliefs belong to others: what use does that have?! You are not crazy: there are simply things that you can not explain with your mind. Come on: clear it and own it!

Coincidence does not exist

Having said all this, I can also tell you my fourth reason why it’s time. You don’t have to be scared anymore, well at least in Holland, that you’ll be convinced, hung or stoned. You’re allowed to develop your SQ. Why you are reading this now? Because coincidence does not exist. Perhaps you need that extra push to discover more of yourself, because you also feel that it is time to live your full potential. Let your light shine!

Wanting to stand up

Earth needs a lot of light, like I’m sure you’ve noticed. But what if these difficult situations on Earth have also ‘triggered’ the fact that we want to stand up? That is what I want to achieve with this article. It will have served its purpose if only one person feels that this is right and then decides to enrol in an intuitive course, or to start to search for information, clubs or like minded people. Maybe you’d like to search for somebody like me that can coach you. Or maybe you’d like to finally start meditating to be quiet and listen to what is there already.

Do the things that you love

Are you that person? Then go and see what suits you and what you would like to do.

“It is your party!”: we say in Holland.

“How ever you do it does not matter, but just do it”: is what my father used to say.

You don’t know where to start? Agree with yourself to do the following: do things that you love to do as much as possible. If you do things that you do not like because you think that others want you to do it, then you will not get into that flow. Lift your vibration to a high vibration. With this, higher vibrations can also come to you easier.

Owning it

And then believe in the choices you have made. Years ago, it was only when I was really owning the fact that I am a light beacon, that I could start talking about energy work more easily. At first I thought (!) that people would find me ‘cuckoo’ anyway, but it appeared that more people have that spiritual side. Hilarious! Coming out of the spiritual closet is the best thing I have ever done for myself: I can BE. This is what I wish for you too. To come full circle, I would like to end with this quote:

“Magic is just science that we don’t understand yet” – scientist Arthur C. Clarke.