14 Tips to Increase Your Vibration

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If you know my work a bit, then you know that I always say that everything has a vibration. In every energy vibration lies information. Words and emotions also have a vibration: they have a great effect on you and your environment. Let me explain.

Energy points in your body

Our body has many places where it can store information. Ofcourse this can be in your physical body, but it can also be in your energetic body. An example of this is that you have energy points in your body called chakras. Everyone has an energy field around them and that is what you call an aura. Your aura is another example of where information can remain. Everything you think, do, experience, hear, taste, read, learn, eat, interact with affects you. No matter how small or how big it is, energy is constantly moving in your system.

All energies have a unique vibration. You are unique because every day you make choices or go through things that create a unique ‘formula’ of who and what you are. If you change, your formula will change. This change therefore has a kind of domino effect in other places. So if you want to change something in yourself, know that everything has a vibration and that you can really change your own composition. You can lower and increase your vibration.

Those vibrations of energies can be measured. Because everything has a certain vibration, you can measure everything. A good example is biodynamically grown fruit or a fruit that has been treated with all kinds of pesticides that has been genetically manipulated and has not even grown in real soil. The difference in vibration, but also in nutritional value and taste, is huge. Ofcourse you can taste the difference, but you usually don’t feel the vibration of something just like that. You can measure the vibration of something or someone in various ways: I prefer to work with a biotensor. This is a powerful measuring and treatment instrument, which is a crossing between a pendulum and a dowsing rod.

Consciousness according to Dr. David R. Hawkins

Incidentally, not only tangible things can be measured. You can even measure emotions! Consciousness, with all the associated emotions, has been mapped by Dr. David R. Hawkins. He is a psychiatrist who, from his own experience, realized that his consciousness was altered by emotions in such a way that he wanted to know how to get closer to the state of enlightenment.

Dr. Hawkins charted several concepts in which he mapped human consciousness across the 18 major levels. For each concept he stated the height of the vibration, where 0 is the lowest and 1000 the highest. These are the names of the levels and the associated vibration number. Shame (20), guilt (30), apathy (50), sadness (75), fear (100), desire (125), anger (150), pride (175), courage (200), neutrality (250), benevolence (310), acceptance (350), reasoning (400), love (500), joy (540), peace (600) and enlightenment (700-1000). Love or above rules, I would say.

Can you understand that if you feel a lot of shame or guilt for example your whole system responds to it? And if you are afraid that it can go from bad to worse? They always say that a dog won’t bite you when you’re relaxed, right? But if you are going to be completely stressed out of fear, the dog can start to bite you out of fear because he does not understand what is going on. Then you have attracted what you were actually afraid of.

In Dr. Hawkins’ scheme, the vibration from 200 and below is considered weak and destructive; anything that vibrates above 200 is considered strong and creative. Dr. Hawkins says that how you view the world depends on the level of consciousness where you are. If you like everything about life, your perspective changes. You will then see how beautiful and perfect everything actually is.

For example, if you are in fear, guilt or anger, you will no longer see that beauty. You probably know the saying ‘Who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl’. Low vibrating vibrations therefore attract low vibrating other vibrations. Strangely enough, people also make choices that do not increase the vibration. For example, you choose foods that are not nourishing, such as fried, sugared and / or processed factory food. Or you deal with people who do not make you happy and who do not support you in your growth. Or you choose things that do not give you pleasure. Result? You attract even lower vibrating entities. What entities are? Humans and animals are creatures with a body; entities can also be called beings without a body. There are very good entities, such as guardian angels and guides (yes, they really exist). The dark side is that there are also not so good entities.

Do you recognize yourself in those choices or situations that don’t make you happy? Then know that you can also make the decision to get out of it all and increase your own vibration.

Tips to indirectly increase the vibrations of your consciousness (in random order):

1 Make a conscious choice to only do things that give you pleasure. Find your passion!

2 “Be thankful for what you do have and don’t whine about what you don’t have” has been my motto for decades.

3 Let go of what no longer serves you: write, shout or cry it away from you.

4 Choose fresh food and prepare it with love: the inner being also wants to be happy.

5 Drink plenty of water, because water purifies. Water from the tap, that is. That is much better than from plastic. That is no longer water, that is plastic water.

6 Interact with people who are positive and loving: connectedness heals. Cuddling too.

7 Surround yourself with beautiful things and colors, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

8 Exercise: movement sets things in motion.

9 Listen to your intuition, it is always right.

10 Take your rest and learn to set limits.

11 Realize that you are part of nature, so unnatural things are disruptive (think radiation, too much screen, fragrances, colors and flavors, preservatives, etc.).

12 Do not listen, read or watch the news for a while, because the misery of others will not make you happy either.

13 Dance and sing to your favorite music! The music itself, but also the movement of your body and the vibration of your own voice are so beneficial.

14 Invest in yourself; you are worth it!

If it appeals to you, energetic work is ideal for increasing your vibration. I can observe where your blocks are and give you information about what you are playing with. In my practice, I help clients in sessions to become who they really are. Remember: no one has to stay in a low vibration. It is a choice!


I would have loved to show a photo of the map here, but since the copyright I am not allowed to. You can purchase it here https://veritaspub.com/product/map-of-consciousness-dr-david-hawkins/ or google it yourself.