Testimonial from Nika

“As a forty year old woman, having just overcome cancer, finding a way to cleanse my body and mind was occupying a large part of my energy. I was focused on becoming the better part of me, of letting go and forgiving all the past actions that had led to my disease, the emotions I had neglected to clean and forgive and letting go of the resentments and people that had either harmed me or been harmed by me in my life till then. I came to a point where I recognized how overwhelming and tiring it can be to do it alone, when the theory was ready to be transformed into light and action in my life and body, I realized that its always easier to make a change with a helping guide, a teacher, a person who has walked in your shoes and has left a light on for you at the end of the tunnel. That light at the end of the tunnel, has almost always been left on by some friendly person in our lives.

For me, to reach out to Vanessa Vink, was not only a natural step but a leap of faith on my part, I needed long distance healing and I needed it to work from the past all the way up to my present. We agreed to do a healing session while I slept, and then she would tell me the next day via email what she had cleaned and what she had seen, those days when the healing passed during the night, I would wake up healed in a big part, as I woke happy, and hearing from her, what areas I was working on and what needed to be cleaned and relit, was both a confirmation and a work in progress. I feel that it was of great help, because I experienced both physical relief and also the deep rooted cleaning I was really longing for.

Change comes from within, and inviting someone in that has the touch and best intention to help is like a lifetime within a lifetime , you just advance so much. It became clear for me and those around me, long distance healing is as effective as doing it with the person in the room. Since the first healing , we did a few more, some readings that are amazing and so helpful, so full of compassion and guidance, and the idoh and biotensor is incredibly accurate and effective. I have loved my experience working with Vanessa, thank you , I can only wish that more people will find their way to you, so that you can help them liberate and clean the fruits that are ripe for the harvest!”
All the light to you,

Nika (Mexico, Dallas)