Testimonial from Meike

“The hands-on-change healing” was the 2nd healing that I experienced with Vanessa. With the first one I didn’t feel much at the time, but the explanation she gave about the different chakras and what she had come across were very valuable. I find it beautiful that Vanessa does not judge, she really keeps close to your own experiences at that moment. So this time, lying on the massage table, quiet and relaxed with my eyes closed, I let it happen. And yes, this time I felt heat in different places. Tingling, as if something began to flow. And that was O.K. Afterwards, I was allowed to ‘come back’ at my own pace, with a glass of water and a little chat.

The tingling that I felt was certainly not accidental. Vanessa has the gift to connect with a part of my body/energy and get it moving again. The energy has started to flow again. Afterwards I felt happy, grateful and in control. This was very special, Vanessa , thank you!”