Testimonial from Jelle

“Curious about chakras and the etrical body of man I came on the website of Your Energy Kitchen via Google. After I read the website completely, I made an appointment via email and I travelled from Friesland to Amsterdam for a reading. My name is Jelle and I am a 46 year old man from Friesland.

My first experience was very special, after introducing myself, Vanessa told me the story of my life and she could just put the finger on the sore spot. The past you can not change, but determined a part of your behavior today. I thought I had closed a number of issues that Vanessa saw and according to her still form part of my life. Awareness, face reality and no hiding.

During the second appointment Vanessa has done a healing of the fifth chakra, communication. I felt little of it that day, but the next day I felt like I had run marathon. The result is slowly getting clear, my surroundings it is more clear what is my opinion is too and I’m less avoiding confrontation.

The third event was a combination of reading and healing. By being more aware of my body and while feeling more and more I came to discover that there was little feeling in my left hip. During the reading there appeared to be “hole”. Vanessa saw this as a kind of emotional drain that was apparently necessary to survive emotionally. The drain is closed and now I have process the emotions by communication.

It gives me a lot of new insights into mankind and the world in which we live in. Around your fortieth year you keep doing what you were doing or seek further enrichment of your (spiritual) life. Because of Vanessa I made a big step and certainly hope to do more steps.”

Jelle, Friesland