Testimonial from Jacqueline

“Your energy kitchen I found by coincidence over the internet. Immediately I felt I was right here. The fresh colors of the website spoke to me and my energy changed immediately. It took several months before I contacted a very friendly Vanessa. The first consultation, I almost fell off my chair by surprise because in the meanwhile I had looked into energy at certain spots and had been thinking about energy in my house.

On the Internet I came across the I-doh, but I knew no one who had one or knew what it was. So I just the information ‘settle’ in. I believe that things always come at the right time on my path. And there I was with Vanessa and my eyes fell immediately on an I-doh in a display case in her beautiful room. “That’s not a coincidence” “I thought. I immediately understood that I was in the right place at the right time. The universe gives us signs on our path and this was clearly one. In the time that followed and after a number of readings and healings I learned so much and I myself grew enormously.

Every time I went to Vanessa, I know I’m in my own strength. The reason to come here is to feel my own power better and to permit influence of others. It was my independence and I have found it back again. Most importantly, I learned that autonomy is something that is natural. Nobody has to give it to me and I do not have to take it; it is there. I am my own unique me and I may always be that under all circumstances. I do not feel to need to please others anymore or be different. I’m on my way still to go do other things and more and more to enjoy life and be “stronger” when looming challenges. I am very grateful that my path has crossed Vanessa’s path. Lovely to be allowed to experience such a pure and unconditional loving contact.”

Jacqueline (Schiedam)