Testimonial from Ibtissam

“In my quest for personal growth, I have explored different paths, with the need to find answers or to investigate ways to expand myself to fully blossom. Hence, I have decided to know myself better and to understand the underlying subtleties that are defining my personality and therefore, the way I interact with the external world.

During this continuous process, I’ve had the chance to find Vanessa Vink’s website with all the relevant info about her work. Curious by nature, I have immediately called her to get more details regarding the types of energy work and the technique related to it.

After our first conversation on the phone, I was already looking forward to have a first energy reading session with her.

In fact, time proved me right since my first impression about Vanessa Vink and her work were correct. From session 1, I could realize how inspiring, passionate and professional she is.

With her skills and talents, she helped me in ways no other discipline would because she is able to give information about myself to better understand my current situation. Additionally, she can raise the aspects that need to be addressed in order to further evolve and grow. She is also helping in that perspective by doing for example, some specific energy healing.

I am so happy that she crossed my path because she is bringing her light and subtle changes that made a significant positive impact in my life. She helped me removing some barriers/blockages to further grow.

Also, I enjoy very much the sessions since I always feel better, refreshed and empowered after the appointment. Her work is truly beneficial in all aspects of my life.

In addition, she is an amazing, enthusiastic and caring person.”  Ibtissam, Belgium .