Testimonial from Iris

“Recently I experienced a reading with Vanessa, it was a particularly great experience. I only knew a little bit about what was going to happen so I simply surrendered to Vanessa’s expertise. First, my “rose” was read, I was told what I looked like as a flower. That may sound a little strange but it was completely accurate. Sometimes people can describe you so SPOT ON that it feels like an eye-opener. An eye-opener of things in your life that you do know about yourself, but which suddenly became so clear because of Vanessa’s reading that I really felt that I was able do something with it. The guidance in this completely new area felt very comfortable to me and during the reading I was dying to find out more and more about myself …

Then my aura was read. My aura had beautiful colors, so cool that someone else can see it with you. Finally it was the turn of my chakras. I thought chakras were typical of Eastern religions, but apparently we Dutch have them too! Again things were mirrored to me that I knew from somewhere, but there was a lot that I did not know about. Blockages were found in my energy and some were even eliminated. What exactly happened and how I can not explain.

You really have to experience this for yourself because it felt really nice and warm and the tears flowed. I can only describe it as: “healing”. My experience of the reading was very nice. Vanessa has the gift to introduce you in a very comfortable way to your own energy and spirituality. She can guide you really well in certain areas, and doesn’t cross any lines because you are in control, even if you do not know it. I hope you are curious about my story and that you dare to find yourself spiritually. I myself look forward to my next reading.” Iris