Testimonial from Emanuel

“I went to Vanessa because of problems with my base chakra. From the website confidence is expressed and Vanessa is someone who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to healing. The latter, however, I did not know when I rang her doorbell. Still a bit suspicious (because of previous experiences) I entered. But since the session and certainly since the days after, I just want to say: Vanessa, I am very grateful!

When you’re with her, she is there for you and help you with her gifts. She begin to feel what you need (if you already have experience with energy work) needed and slowly she can give the things you come for. She sees the things she ingest and present it to you. Together with her you guys will talk about it and then she will give the healing that suits you best. With me there were emotions that were deep and had to go outside.

Besides the healing, we also looked at how past lives affect my being, and she knows how to help you to get what you need there too, and perhaps things will come to the surface that you need to learn in this life. What Vanessa does in short is: give love, power and wisdom with the healing that she does. And in addition she only does things that you allow her to do. I want to thank Vanessa and hope we see each other again in the future!”

Emanuel, Amsterdam