You are what you say you are – the power of positive words

Did you know there are tests you can do to measure the effects of words and emotions on something that is alive? If you pick up a living organism, such as a plant or half an apple, and say positive words to it and give it sweet care, then that organism stays healthier. But if you scream, curse and rage at this organism, it will decay or die much faster. Words create your reality.

Masaru Emoto

The late Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese researcher who became best known for his water crystal photography. By making photographs of frozen water crystals after saying certain words, he showed how many effects words have. Words like ‘love’ or ‘gratitude’ are majestic, beautiful crystals. Words like ‘war’ or ‘hatred’ show destructive, frightening crystals.

But now here it comes … .. of course we also consist of water. Even from a lot of water! Words also have an effect on you. If you use or hear hateful, loveless, negative words, then that will not only affect your system, but also that of the other.

The question is: what do you actually think about yourself? Are you strict with yourself? Do you think you are good enough? Sweet enough? Nice enough? See if you recognize the following thoughts.

Do you ever think: “Oh, I made a mistake and am stupid!” If you use that, please change this thought into: “I learn from my mistakes.” Or, “He does such a good job, I will never be able to do that … ” How about: “I’m going to take a look at how he does that and I’m going to see how far I can get.” “I’ll give up ” can become “I’m going to tackle it in a different way.” Replace “I’m not good enough” for “I’m worth it”. Yes, indeed, that L’Oréal advertising! Brilliant slogan!

That is what it is all about: finding it worthwhile to fight for yourself, to move yourself to the next steps. Because you are good enough!

You are also part of the link. If things are going well for you, then the others around you will do better too. So whether you have little contact with the outside world or whether you are actually looking to improve the world: it starts with yourself. And self care is super important. Remember the stewardess in the airplane telling you to put on your safety mask first BEFORE you help others. You are no use to others when you are dead. O well, actually in my world you are but hey that’s a different story 🙂

Words are also a vibration

If you consist of positive vibration, you also attract high vibrating. So listen to your choice of words. Do you use many denials (words like no, not, none …) and do you hear yourself talking and thinking bad about yourself? Then you are already on top of the game. Awareness is half the work. But you have to know that your subconscious does not hear these denials. If you say, “I do not want to get fat”, your subconscious mind hears: “I want to get fat.” Oops!

I have a lovely client who kept saying “I’ll try”. I told her about the funny story of Tony Robbins that a friend of mine told me once. Apparently Tony had a woman on stage and a chair. He asked the woman to try to pick up the chair. So the woman lifted the chair. But that was not what Tony asked her to do. He told her to TRY and pick up the chair. That is nothing. You can either pick up the freakin’ chair or you don’t… You are either pregnant or you are not… Trying is nothing!

My client was becoming aware of it and she wanted to break the pattern. Since she is in the money business I was told to tell her the following in the session we had. Her ‘homework’ was to put a 10 cent coin in a glass bowl every time she would say ‘I’ll try’. This would make her more aware (also because she could see it fill up since the bowl had to be made of glass) and empower her to use different language. Her message would change and therefore her vibration.

So be aware of what you say and think. Use beautiful, happy, positive words. Because you are really worthy to feel good about yourself!! You are WORTH it!!