Tips for tough times (like the Corona time)

2020 – Tips to keep up the high vibe in these Corona times

Hi, Thank you for watching. My name is Vanessa Vink and I call myself a Personal Energizer. I am a Reader and a Healer. I would love to give you some tips in this video to stay high vibe in challenging times.

The world is captivated by something that is not visible to the naked eye, but it put everything on hold. Because it is so elusive, many people find it anxious. I love to do my part to ensure that you stay more high vibe.

Fear is a super low vibrating emotion. I can tell you that does not help in difficult times. The same situation looks very different if you perceive it from love or from fear.

These are of course very crazy times and there is a lot of speculation about where, what, why … For me the most important thing is: what do you DO with it. Do you go into fight, flight or freeze mode or do you keep your high vibe no matter what happens? You choose!

It is also somewhat the “is the glass half full or half empty” principle. Well, that glass is flooding with me. Always. Even at these times I use what I have to enrich myself in terms of knowledge, gifts, immune system, … and when I’m in “what can I do to help” mode, there’s no room to stress at all.

Funny enough, I learned this from my mother, who was a flight attendant at KLM half a century ago. Now, I know her as someone who does not easily seek out exciting situations. So I asked her once, “Mom, weren’t you scared up there in the air with turbulence and stuff?” She replied that it was absolutely not the case because she had a job to do and that was to take care of the passengers. Beautiful right?

When you step into the role of helper, you not only help the other person, but also yourself. Then there is no room for fear. Undoubtedly, all staff now also do this in hospitals, with the police, the fire brigade, etc. who risk their lives to save people! Fortunately, they finally get the appreciation for their work, which they have deserved!

My way of helping is what I communicate to the outside world and what I can do with my clients. I make sure that people can get closer to their own information, so that they can come up with answers themselves. As a light beacon, I see it as my job to keep the vibration high in myself so that I can be there for whom my message resonates.

So I would like it if you join me in this in the hope that you can increase your frequency. Especially for this I also put on my golden shirt because gold is of the highest vibration. There is already enough heaviness and darkness in the world, but I do not participate in that, so let’s go! J

First, I would like to explain something about the fear that is now going around. Not only is it scary because people’s current situation has suddenly changed, but there is also a collective fear. By this I mean that one can all join in on something that is energetically ‘in the air’. You could almost think of some form of programming. It then appears to be yours. And that fear is not only of the current situation. The fear can also be from previous situations that do not take place in the NOW.

You don’t just have to explain that in the “whoo whoo” way: Epigenetics has already shown that your DNA contains information that can be traced back to 14 generations! That information also contains emotions! If your ancestors haven’t cleaned up their ‘shit’, they’ve left it for you to deal with. Hmmm So today’s fear can also trigger ancestral fears that just happen to still be tagging along in your DNA. Well that’s great….

There is also a non-scientifically verifiable component (and you can decide for yourself whether you are open to it or not) and that is previous life energy. If panic from a previous life has not yet been completely cleared up, then you still carry it with you. When a situation with panic arises in your current life, the old panic is also shaken up. So that’s double up! Fear pushes you out of the driver’s seat and it is the worst advisor, so I would like to give you some tips to help you in these uncertain times.

My first tip is important for everyone, but almost vital for the highly sensitive people among us and if you felt you wanted to watch this video then I bet you’re one of them. If you are also highly empathetic and therefore feel much more than an average sensitive person, well then this tip is really for you.

By the way, if you don’t know what that is, just look up or ‘empath’ and see if it resonates. If you are an empath, for example, you quickly pick up the atmosphere in a room where you enter. You can also very well feel how another person feels. That’s fine in many ways, unless you pick up too much. That’s why I always teach people to ask the following crucial question when it gets too much for them. And that question is, “Is it mine?”. With this very simple question, you usually immediately know whether the answer is “yes” or “no”. If it is not yours, then you should make sure you clean things up, for example by cutting energetic cords or at least make a distinction between yourself and the other.

In times like this, that’s smart to do anyway, because you don’t have to carry the ‘shitload’ of the whole world! I would like to give you a simple but effective exercise to ensure that you can make that desired distinction.

First notice where all that information comes in. Is that in your belly? Or in your heart? Or in your head? Then put your hand on it and imagine writing your first and last name and today’s date on that spot. Pimp it if you want. See yourself writing it with gold, or with a quill pen, or that you put stickers around it or whatever. As long as you understand that YOU are this and that your feelings are allowed to be there, but that which is not yours may disappear. With your name and today’s date you do two things: you put the situation in the NOW and you clearly indicate who you are in the NOW. Thus there is a clear dividing line between you in the NOW and the other, regardless of which timeline.

2) The second tip is about grounding. To explain what this is, I use the example of a plant. If a plant is simply comfortable in the soil with its roots, then that plant is well-grounded. If someone suddenly jerks that plant out of the ground, the plant is like, “HUH? What happened? How should I get my nutrition now? Where do I belong??”

That is what fear does. A shock reaction does something violent with your energy system. Your aura can then look energetically like Marilyn Monroe’s dress when it went up while she was standing above that air vent. Your aura literally shoots up and therefore your ‘roots’ are hanging above the ground. That feels anxious. It is then important to regain feeling with the earth.

You can ground in different ways. Of course, you can do that energetically, but if you do not know how to do that, it also helps to walk outside on the grass with bare feet. Without shoes you can literally make contact with the earth again. If you cannot or should not go outside, you can also put your bare feet in a bucket with warm water with sea salt. Also walk indoors without shoes. Eating products that come from the earth, such as carrots and potatoes, also helps. All fruits and vegetables that have connected to the soil rather than grown in a greenhouse are good. You are what you eat! If you eat to get support, choose fresh, healthy, unprocessed foods that feel good in your body. I would not recommend animal food that has been stressed because you probably already have enough stress in your body. Choose organic meat or eat vegetarian. Another good thing is to have a massage. That brings you back into your body: a foot massage can even be enough. Really taking time for yourself again gives you more space to be, which also gives you more feeling with your body.

If you can, visualize during a meditation (guided or not) how you can make an energetic connection with the earth. There are enough meditations on the internet for this. If you are a bit more trained in this, you can see the roots from your tailbone and the soles of your feet go deep into the earth and you can even see on which color you want to ground that particular day.

If you are open to an amazing way to energetically ground, then I would like to tell you the story about the client I once had in my practice a long time ago. She was so anxious that I received a very clear instruction from ‘up there’ during the session with her: I was allowed to help her in a beautiful way.

I was shown that I could place her energetically in the tree network. I didn’t know it existed then, but I did it. I was shown that there is a worldwide tree network where trees can communicate with each other, because their roots reach so far into the ground. Then I thought, “Well, if I tell this to anyone, they’ll think I’m crazy!” haha. But guess what happened?

A few years later I saw an article that stated that it is scientifically proven that trees can communicate with each other worldwide!! Wow!

Trees also help each other by giving energy to the weaker trees. So if you need a super-strong grounding, you can go to a tree and stand against it and ask for help. Nowadays it is legit to stand against a tree without people thinking that you are cuckoo haha!

If you cannot go outside, ask the nearest tree if you can get energetic help with your grounding. Let’s see what happens and then be thankful for the help you got.

3) The third tip is that you can also reprogram yourself. Grab a pen and a paper – yes very old school – and sit down. For example, in difficult times you can ask yourself “What is going on?” And then you start writing. Write until you are finished, so do not stop and read it back because then your mind will go back on. Are you finished? Only then do you look at what you have put on that paper. That may provide more clarity than you might think.

If it still does not work and you are still in a bad place, you ask yourself, every day, the question: “How can this problem best be solved?”. Even if your mind doesn’t know it, your system will still look for a solution to be able to answer that question because you keep asking the question. With this help request, you automatically call in your team of guides and guardian angels (yes, you have that!) who will only really get started when they are ASKED to!

Please trust the help that is there. Let go of how you think the solution should look, because maybe ‘up there’ they have a much better solution in store for you than you can come up with in your mind. Show your gratitude again and be in awe afterwards about the results.

These tips are always good and quick to use. I hope it helps you to stay a bit calmer with yourself in challenging times. Because if you are less in the emotion, you can also look clearer and therefore better use your intuition, so that you can make decisions that serve you more easily.

I send you all love and light! Thank you for watching.

Vanessa Vink

Personal Energizer