Now who’s normal??!

This article was written for the Rebel Issue of Smart Healthy Women

Rebellion: that is an interesting theme…. but I thought that this topic was not for me to write an article about. Or is it?! … 

To rebel is “To refuse allegiance to and oppose by force an established government or ruling authority” or “to resist or defy an authority or a generally accepted convention”. And I thought I did not do that? Ha! I realized that was funny the moment Estelle asked if I would like to contribute to this theme and I replied automatically: “I don’t rebel, I speak my truth.” Come to think if it: my truth is probably not commonly accepted by mainstream. I don’t fit the “opposing by force” part of being a rebel, but I definitely do not “comply”. So maybe the topic is more appropriate for me than I thought.

Let me explain. I am an energy worker and I call myself a Personal Energizer. I am amongst others a certified reader and healer. I shine my light on the people who are attracted to me so that they can shine their light on the people around them. It is my Calling with a capital C. But I also have a Masters degree in a different field. That is a little rebellious already, since energy work in not empirically attainable 😉 I bring energy work as grounded as possible so that even people who think that spirituality is ‘woo woo’ are interested. Love that!! I always say that my motto is to make energy work as normal as brushing your teeth.

So now that you know who is ‘talking’ here, I will tell you about my ‘rebellion’. Nowadays there is a lot said about being highly sensitive, right? Especially since society loves giving names to conditions (or to things people don’t understand). So being very sensitive is called being an HSP aka Highly Sensitive Person. People are talking about being a HSP as if it is a condition, meaning that it is not normal. Because if you would be ‘normal’ you would not have to find a name for it, right?! Enter my rebellion I apparently do have, because in my opinion that is just wrong!

Yes, I am highly sensitive. Yes all my ‘clairs’ (clair voyance, clair knowing, clair sentience etc.)* are open. And yes I am loving it! But here comes the thing: does that make me abnormal? Heck no! I always joke about it and say that the people who are NOT sensitive are NOT normal! Of course in every joke lies a hidden truth and to be brutally honest I actually mean it haha. I do not find it ‘normal’ that so many people feel the need to close themselves off with addictive products created by mankind. With all the distractions via social media, drugs, alcohol – and what have you to sedate yourself – a lot of people have lost their touch with who they truly are. Things like radiation, too much medication, too many low vibrating beliefs in your system and poison on/in your food can make it blurry too. Say ‘Bye Bye’ to your sensitive/intuitive abilities! Now who is not normal now, huh??! Lots of people have lost touch with their nature.

Having lost touch with nature itself is also something. I am sure that when Mother Nature decides to create let’s say a tsunami or something, that the animals will pick those signals up lòng before the wave arrives land. The animals will have fled. Humans on the other hand will be more numbed out to pick those signals up. And I find that sad… 

So to conclude here is my message to all the highly sensitive people: you are not weird or abnormal! Are you sensitive to too much noise, radiation, people, processed food, drugs, alcohol, or whatever and/or are an intuitive? Congratulations! According to my standard YOU are normal!! 🙂

* Would you like to know about the various types of clairs? Please click here to read my article about the 10 different ways of receiving information.