Testimonial from Misa

“Everything around us is energy. It is everywhere, in 1001 different forms it reveals to us, day in day out. Conscious and unconscious we adapt or go with the flow. It touches us in a positive and a negative way. One can be more sensitive to it than the other, but it is everywhere and in everything, we just can’t get away from it. Feelings for example, from yourself or from others, memories, emotions – but also wifi, devices, and so on. And in the midst of this maze of energy it is difficult sometimes to stay with yourself and to really feel, to experience peace.

When I went to Vanessa for the first time, I really did not have a clue what I could expect. I trusted a referral of a friend completely who said that she thought it would be useful for me to visit her. At a point where I was really down. I did check her website in advance but I mainly thought: we’ll see what happens. When I arrived at Vanessa’s it immediately felt like coming home, there is no other way to describe it. What she does exactly? Exactly what you need at that moment. This might sound vague, but I am afraid that it will not get any more specific. It is something that you have to experience for yourself. She makes contact with her helpers and every time she politely asks for permission to look at the inside. And she always confers before she changes or clears something in my energy. In the meanwhile she taught me in 4 sessions amongst others to avert the negative energy I was struggling with. She also cleared my own energy system thoroughly and brought it all back in line again. In the course of the years a lot of energy kept sticking, despite the fact that I got better in it (by myself) to deal with the energy of others. She also checked me with the biotensor and cleared some energy blocks after the test results. And I now know what kind of nutrition is good for me and what not.

But the most beautiful part is that, because so much noise is taken of the line, I am able to feel much clearer and more pure again and therefor it is nice again to listen to my own feelings and it is a lot easier to trust on that again. Moreover, the most bizarre and the most special of the sessions is that I can feel what she does. That feeling that I found scary in my youth but of which I was conscious all my life, that is being intensified because she teaches me to deal with it differently. When I visualize things, Vanessa sees what I see in my head. Only she sees even more than I do…. she then helps me with the things that I do feel, but can see (totally clear) yet. In the meanwhile my husband has gone to Vanessa twice to and I even went to her with my 9 year old daughter. The result? I feel I am more me, the is a whole new world open for me and it feels like I can get air again, that I can breath freely.

Vanessa offers several products, an i-Doh amongst others. It is a very small wooden object with something complicated inside that takes care of keeping the energy cleaner around you. The first time I held one in my hand, I almost fainted, I was not ready for it. The second time it felt so good that I did not want to give it back and now the bigger version is in our home. In short: when you realize how much energy crossed out paths constantly, is it not weird that we need some help with that every now and than. And that is in very trusted hands with Vanessa!”

Mîsa, Amsterdam