Testimonial from Estelle

“Vanessa Vink is the most amazing energy healer I have yet met – she has very many skills and I don’t know where to begin! We worked together first on my chakras which needed a great deal of attention and the things that she told me about my energy blocks were mind-blowing. I know when I have had a great clearing because I can feel my body processing and recalibrating afterwards, sometimes sending me right to sleep to continue the good work Vanessa has started.

She also has a magic wand that she calls a Biotensor and I believe she is my Fairy Godmother when she uses that one – she was able to pinpoint my food sensitivities and which substances including vitamins and minerals which were good for my body and which ones were not. We have also worked together on clearing energies from my home which was an amazing experience too – and I always feel so much lighter after each session.

It takes commitment working through the layers of negative energies that have built up over the years, and yet working with Vanessa is so uplifting and she always surprises me with the information that she finds and shares. But most of all she is a truly lovely woman, a light being who has a wonderful sense of humor and does not take herself too seriously given the amazing powers she has. If you want to experience the adventure of your life (or lives!) you must see her.”

Estelle (Australia)