Testimonial from Angelique

“Many roads I have trodden in the field of personal growth on the way to becoming (more) happy. Every time I thought (and for that moment I am sure it was so) to have found the “egg of Columbus” (read: meaning that it felt as the solution that she wanted). But like many healers, therapists and myself (as a coach) often indicate … “development is like peeling an onion …”  How nice it was, therefore, I found your site via a friend and spontaneously I booked a first session with you.

I live in Friesland so the current technique then provides skype / facetime. That does not make less powerful! And although, after more than six months and several sessions, we have not even met personally ..; it feels like I’ve known you for ages …You make it “safe” to be vulnerable with open appearance and direct communication.
Your listening ear is already healing, but you are also very concise and to the point. What I find more striking is that you have integrity. You always point out what suits you and your methods and you do not get “tempted” to do statements about the future etc.

There is respect for my free will, but when you go into the depths of a session you are also clearly really working in another dimension and that happens automatically with me.

I had often a little emotional recoil after each session, but after that I was stronger than before and almost automatically ready for the next “onion layer”. Life is simply a roller-coaster of emotions and layers and dimensions, and … And you does not make it better than it is Vanessa.

You are realistic, encouraging, loving and efficient. I also have daily I feel a lot of fun with i-Dohs, spray and occasionally I spray the crystal maria essence etc. To me the basis of our cooperation is: trust, perspective, humor, progress and the idea that, when the “growing pains” may become too strong, I can always approach you for help and healing. I recommend anyone that is able to connect silently with a professional, consult with Vanessa and learn with her and from her to heal (more).”

Angelique, Friesland