The secret of flow and success

Why are certain people successful and others not? What is it what makes you have flow or not in what you do? The answer is not rocket science at all; you just have to know what it is.


Firstly, I will say that I do not see success as how much money you have in the bank. If you have had to work really hard to own as much material things as possible, you might have had little time to find wealth on social, spiritual, physical, emotional or whatever other level. And if you did succeed, than you know the answer to the questions above already!

The Be-Do-Have-principle

I am a ‘Universal Business Entrepreneur’: I resonate with the Universal Laws and I use ease, flow, helping others and love as my most important intentions. My priority lies not at what I have or what I do, but at who I am. Automatically, that taps at what I do and what I collect. That is the ‘Be-Do-Have’-principle of the ‘Universal Business’.

The rules of the state of Being

If what I hàve would cease to exist and if I could no longer dó the things I do, that I will still be! Who I am is rock-solid, whatever happens. But when you have build up your existence on what you have and what you do, and you lose that: what are you then?? In the state of Being other rules apply, than those of rocket science or economic formulas or marketing rules. You can throw in as many number as you want to, but it can still go wrong. Because it misses a part.

Trust your troups

The first part of the secret of success is therefore trust. You may rely on the constant help you have around you. You have a team, you see. “Huh, a team??”: I hear you think. Yes, a team of guides and guardian angles that would love to help you! The clou is that you have to learn to pick up the signals by trusting that they are there. Because sometimes those signals go by so fast that you could think it is unimportant or that you simply could not pick it up. When you learn to trust, thàn the real fun starts! At that point you can turn every inspired thought -preferably immediately- into an inspired action. ‘Inspired thought; inspired action’: that’s a whole different ball game! Totally ‘Universal Business’.

Domino effect

What it comes down to with this way of working, is that you might have no clue why you are doing something. But the one action can lead to another, creating a domino-effect. You might not be able to see what that following domino stone is on your path, but your team of guides and angles càn see the bigger picture.

Matter of letting go

And then the most interesting part is … the matter of letting go. With that you give the trust to your team up there (or as my Aussie friend calls it: ‘the upstairs lot’ :-), who will start working to help you with a good outcome. If you go and wait for a reaction, then it will probably not come anyway. Let your upstairs lot make their moves. Sometimes you will receive a different outcome than expected. I always say: “You don’t get what you want, you will receive what suits you best”. I am therefore pronoia (which is the opposite of paranoia): I trust that the Universe is conspiring to arrange the best possible outcome for me. Additional benefit: you don’t have to thing about it anymore! My friends up there are able to arrange much better things than I can think of with my tiny ratio-brain. So trust that the signals that you are getting are real, no matter what the people around you say. You know what is the truth for you!

Inspiration of the team

On energetic level I have had the honor to see this often. I get many different kinds of people in my practice. Most people that are ànd successful ànd very wealthy, say that they sometimes have no idea where the information comes from (for example people that are lawyers or coaches). They just say or write down what is whispered in their ears (read: inspiration of team 😉 and they trust that it is right. But there is another common denominator too.

Working from your heart

The second part of the secret of success is this. A lot of people connect their work with their third chakra. This chakra stands for will, power, doing, goals … a very fierce chakra. If you work from this chakra, you are probably very much present or you can come across as bossy or you do not follow your passion or your drive can be annoying for your environment…. People who are really successful work from their heart!

What do you attract?

Your hearth chakra, your fourth chakra, stands for affection for yourself and for others, harmony, what do you attract? When you work your passion and when you have found your calling, it will show. This is such a different vibration and it is so contagious! Then you don’t talk about working hard anymore; then you do things because you consider it to be fun!

Listen to the messages

So, just listen to the messages your team gives you, do it and trust and let go. While you are at it, do what you like and what makes you happy. Let’s see what chain reaction that brings about. Success guaranteed! And the satisfaction that gives is priceless.

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Translated from my Dutch artikel ‘Het geheim van flow en succes’ in the online magazine Your Daily Shine