What is really the best thing to do for your energy system (your chakras, aura, Being)?

This is a question that maybe appears to not have one answer. We are all different of course. But I still believe in one common denominator. All living creatures thrive much better on behavior like love, attention and care than on hate, feeling alone or abuse. Everybody will confirm this. So what is the answer to the question then?

A common denominator

All that is good for all facets of your energy system, can be brought together under one common denominator: a high vibration! Nice emotions, loving feelings, sharing happy occasions … (low vibrating) negativity pales in comparison to this! And you will attract less negativity too.

Lifting to a higher level

Receiving love can literally make you feel that you are being carried. Giving somebody attention makes them feel that they are seen: you can BE. When somebody is handling you with care, you can grow. You are literally lifted to a higher level, to speak in computer games language haha. And all of this happened without doing anything for it! The effect of such beauty is that not only you shine, but the ones that are giving too!

A thank you for the best example

How amazing such a co-operation can be, is best expressed here for me. Together with three gorgeous women this all came into being. I wanted that how I present myself on pictures and on my website could seamlessly connect to the reality. Being me: that is what it is all about in my life. And that is captured so perfectly. I would love to give a big public thank you to the three beautiful women that achieved that with me.

Kathie Holmes

The magnificent holistic business specialist Kathie Holmes has made my digital home so marvelous, that I still can not believe it! Kathie, you have looked inside my soul and with the making of this website you have translated what was dying to come out to show the world. And you live on the other side of that world! What an amazing combination of disciplines you are: reader, computer whizz kid ànd marketing and more!

Christel Mijers

The amazing hair-&make-up artist Christel Mijers has done my professional make-up and hair for the fotoshoot. Dear Christel, you have done this in such a natural way that I could be myself (inside and outside) totally during the shoot. Thank you for your loving touch!

Nancy Kloos

And then the splendid photographer Nancy Kloos! You know exactly how to capture what I want to radiate. This was the second time already that you did the photo’s for my business and I am just as enthusiastic as the first time! With such care you handle people and pictures: really very beautiful! It was such a ball doing the photo shoot and what amazing symbioses was the cooperation with you and Christel! The video that you have also made for me, with my favorite classical music, says enough. Simply wow!

Dear Kathie, Christel and Nancy: it was such an honor to work with you! I am as happy as can be with the result!

The answer to the question

I think that the answer to the question above sparks right of the website, the photo’s and the video! Everything is energy and energy has a vibration. If you vibrate high, such beauty comes into being! Everything in your energy system gets a free ride on that. It is impossible not to feel good. Doing things with passion, love, attention, care that are fun is of such high vibration: that is really the best thing that you can do for yourself. And it is contagious: that is the best part of it. 🙂


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